Intro to Fashion Sheriff with Jenn Bee from Pinterest

hey there!!! Jenn Bee here!!!

as some of you may know i am usually giving advice on diet/nutrition, but after doing so well with my diet blogs I've decided to start my fashion blog!!!!

i will not only be giving daily fashion advice, i will also be answering beauty/fashion questions on this blog, for example.....

  - should i dye my hair red or dark brown?

  - should i wear a dress or shorts?
  - should i cut my hair short?
  - does my makeup look good like this?
  - what type of liquid foundation should i use?
  - do these shoes go with this purse?

any and all questions pertaining to fashion and beauty will be accepted, and responded to within 24 hrs all free of charge, just be sure to include your photo, question, and name!!!

So lets get started>>>>>>>>>>>>

hair color of the day: ash blonde
hair style of the day: fish tale braid into side bun 
-fishtail braid tutorial
make up look of the day: dark lipstick with soft eyes 
-MAC all out gorgeous lipstick
outfit of the day: maxi skirt with cut off top
 -Chanel top
 -maxi skirt 
shoe of the day: Dior 
-get the shoes here!
bag of the day: also Dior 
-get the purse here!
accessory of the day: Cartier
-get the necklace here!

tip of the day: after getting out of the shower don't dry your hair with a towel it will make it frizzy and will cause breakage and split ends find an old, large t-shirt to dry your hair with.

trick of the day: want white teeth? skip the special toothpaste and white strips; just use hydrogen peroxide 1-3x a week for white and super clean teeth!! the main ingredient in white strips is hydrogen peroxide lol

question of the day: Should i dye my hair red? well first decide what red you want....red red, dark red, or copper...


 Dark Red

 ok now that you have decided which red you want, what color hair do you have now? 

as long as its not black you wont have to lighten your hair before dying it red, if it is black don't bleach your hair, dye it brown; anything lighter than black brown should work.

other than that red is a very difficult color to keep so plan on dying your hair every two weeks to a month.

i would advise getting hair color and developer from Sally's, box color really doesn't work.

and also get a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, this will help keep your color because sulfates wash your color out (wen hair, and big sexy hair i know are sulfate free) 

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments, i'd love to hear from ya!!!

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